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Welcome To Abu Dhabi Fertilizer Industries Co.

Abu Dhabi Fertilizer Industries Co. W.L.L(ADFERT) was established in 1995, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, as a local joint venture with SQM. Today, ADFERT has become the regional headquarters of SQM Middle East. Under the name of ADFERT- SQM Middle East, it represents SQM and its alliances: Yara and Akzo Nobel in the whole of Middle East area.
For the last two years, ADFERT has been re-innovating its wealth of resources and alliances in order to become the leader in specialty plant nutrition products in the Middle East....

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  • TURO

TURO is produced with high purity raw materials and chelated micronutrients to ensure quick absorption and high efficiency. TURO is optimum fertilizer for saline soil and saline water conditions. TURO ideal fertilizer... Read More

ALASKA is homogeneous fine crystalline powder, built from high quality raw material. ALASKA is free - flowing complete soluble fertilizer. ALASKA is full range of products to optimize nutrition of different crops under different growth stages, all growing and irrigation systems... Read More

SULOTASTE is complete range of NPK water soluble fertilizer. Characterized with acidic reaction. It’s produced with pure raw materials and chelated trace elements and rich source of magnesium to develop the chlorophyll photosynthesis... Read More

GRANDFIELD contains micronutrients in balanced ratio to fullfill plant needs. GRANDFIELD is ability to be mixed with soil amendments and Humic acid, upon customer request...
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SQM produces and markets specialty fertilizers including potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate and potassium sulfate for the agricultural industry.            Read More